Practice Areas

The spectrum of legal needs affecting individuals, families and businesses is diverse. Fortunately, so is our experience and knowledge.

As your general counsel, we bridge the divide of your varied legal demands by
employing a broad understanding of the law to your circumstances and goals.


Start, grow, protect or pass on your business. with our corporate law experience, we protect you and see the process through.


  • Purchase and sale of a privately held business (Asset purchase and sale; Share purchase and sale)

  • Financing privately held business purchases; structuring debt financing

  • Corporate reorganizations: amalgamations, dissolutions/windups, rollovers

  • Amending Articles of Incorporation

  • Creating a partnership

  • Incorporating a for-profit business

  • Incorporating a not-for-profit organization

  • Structuring the share provisions of a corporation


Whether commencing a legal action or defending one, we have the experience to analyze your case and quarterback proceedings.


  • Commercial and business

  • Debt recovery and collections

  • Estate and trust

  • Construction

  • Landlord and tenant (residential and commercial tenancies)

  • Product liability

Real Estate

We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure your investment is protected and you can close with peace of mind.


  • Residential real estate transactions (purchases and sales)

    Home and condominium (new and resale), rural property, property under power of sale

  • Commercial real estate transactions (purchases and sales)

    Shopping centres, office buildings, retail buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, industrial land, commercial condominiums, mixed-use projects, places of worship, vacant land

  • Mortgage refinancing

  • Private mortgages

  • Transfer of title

  • Survivorship applications

  • Land title search

Wills & Estates

When your life includes loved ones, estate planning is crucial. We offer comprehensive estate planning support.


  • Estate planning – Wills and Powers of Attorney, Trusts

  • Estate administration

    Applying for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, Filing of Estate Information Return form

  • Dependent support claims

  • Guardian of property (appointed through court application)

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